Club History

The American Club was established over three quarters of a century ago, on July 6, 1925. It grew from small gatherings of Americans who met to socialize and exchange business views. Initially, the Club was located in Rutton House on Duddell Street, and later moved to the old Alexandra House Building on Des Voeux Road. In 1936, the Club established itself in the new Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building in Central with more than 400 Members.

By 1968, total membership had reached 600, and larger quarters were necessary. The Club moved into the St. George's Building in 1969 with 945 Members. Since then, the membership has grown to approximately 2,900 of which around 50% are Voting Members and 50% are Associate Members i.e. non-American citizens.

In 1981, the Board of Governors recognized the long term implications of rising rents; continued growth of the membership; and the difficulty of meeting the ever increasing need to provide recreational facilities for family use. A questionnaire was circulated to the membership and it was found that Members were clearly in favor of residing in a Central location, but emphasized the need to develop outdoor recreational facilities.The Club then undertook a plan to obtain both town and country premises, not only for social and recreational activities, but also as assets for the Club and an investment for Debenture Holders. In July 1985, the Town Club opened in its current location at the top of Two Exchange Square and in July 1987, the Country Club opened in Tai Tam.

The Club has evolved to its present status due to the determined efforts of a first class membership who will continue through the 22nd Century without compromising the values on which the Club was founded nearly 90 years ago.